Mercedes advert

There are many lists of top car adverts and we've trawled them to bring you this, our list of favourites. We looked for amusement, engagement and just cleverness.  These are in no particular order, we love them all for different reasons. 

"The Force" by Volkswagen

Made to promote the new VW Passat, it's cute, fun and totally engaging.

"The Lamp Post" by Volkswagen

Simple and effective, this ad manages to promote the Polo L without even showing us the car in action. And it's very memorable.

"Mercedes Reincarnation" by Mercedes

It can be quite moving to watch this advert for the Mercedes C Class as the history of the old car and its owners passes in front of us, but it has a happy ending. Always a winner!

"Mystery Squeaking Noise" by Volkswagen

Do you remember this one? Cleverly done, this advert stays in the mind and does its job perfectly.

"Nicole et Papa" series of ads by Renault

Anyone watching TV between 1991 and 1998 will recognise these adverts. They could be said to be amongst the most popular adverts ever made. 

"Cake Car" by Skoda

All 'Bake-off' contestants probably watched this ad and wept as the fantastic team of bakers and food artists put together a life-sized car made out of cake. What's not to like? 

"Hands" by Honda

"Hands" is a masterpiece of an ad, keeping you fascinated right to the end. Cleverly they aren't promoting a particular car in this, but showing us all the other great engineering projects they've brought to life too. 

"Dog ate the keys" by Volkswagen

To be honest, it's the expression on the dog's face that makes us laugh most in this ad! But it's a great demonstration of how the remote key action works and once again, VW hits the mark with this one. 

"The Cog" by Honda

This one is on every list ever made of top car adverts. It's simple and so engaging that you can't help but watch, no matter how many times you've seen it before. Watch and feel the satisfaction as the final piece rolls to bring the ad to a conclusion. Ahhh!


Our last suggestion is cheating a bit, because in this clip we've got two ads. Mercedes created the first amusing ad starring dancing chickens, which on its own is worth a watch. This was then taken by Jaguar and built onto in a somewhat startling way! At the time, there was an ad battle between Mercedes and Jaguar. The verdict is undoubtedly still out on which brand won. 

So there you have it. There were many contenders for this list and we're sure you can suggest more! 

Nov 7, 2016 By webmaster