When people think about company vehicle fleets, a picture of a car park full of traditional family size saloons, estate cars and vans proudly carrying the company logo is conjured up.

Whilst this may be true, the simple fact is that the bulk of British businesses (about 90% in fact) actually fall into the SME sector. The owners of the business are now legally resposible for the Duty of Care to the employees. This creates a real liability both in business and personal terms. Whilst large corporates can afford professional fleet managers to look after these details, the vast majority of us are left to fend for ourselves.

FleetCheck provides a realistic, affordable and workable fleet management system for cars, vans and larger commercial vehicles. It can also be used for plant, machinery and other assets if required.

Whilst "Opting Out" of the company car system has been popular over the last few years, it has NOT absolved the business owner of any of the responsibility for the vehicle or driver--in some cases it has actually increased the risk to the business and the owner.

You can obtain temporary log in to the FleetCheck site to view the system, and discuss any issues which may be of concern in respect of your fleet--large small or somewhere in between!.

For further details ring 01675 443334.